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When Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

There are many facets to your wedding day, from choosing your wedding gown, the wedding venue, designing and mailing out invitations, and of course, selecting your wedding jewelry with discount price

beautiful floral forehead band handmade bridal hair accessory beaded swags

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Wedding jewelry is an element that husbands and wives inevitably tend to forget when planning their big day. Here are important factors to consider when selecting the perfect jewelry for your wedding ceremony.

Seek your jewelry months before your big day.

Planning is just a process of choosing among those many options that are available to you. Reduce your plan to writing and everything will flow and fall into place just as you envisioned.

Jewelry is an investment, so be proactive and create a budget. On average, brides typically spend anywhere from $500-$1500 on wedding jewelry rentals and even more on purchases.

blue and pink flower boho headband gold leaf wreath bridal crown

Get your something borrowed. The smartest way to wear everything you love is to rent it, of course. It is very common for the bridal party to rent their wedding dresses, tuxedos, wedding tiaras and crowns, shoes, and even the wedding decor. Jewelry rental has become the latest craze in sporting luxury jewelry for just a fraction of the price.

Shop online. It’s convenient, prices are much lower than that of physical stores, there’s more variety, and there’s no one breathing down your back pressuring you into a sale. You can shop virtually at any time you wish, and your wedding jewelry will be shipped right to your front door.

Accessorize the Bridal Party. Even though all eyes will be on the bride, your bridesmaids should have an elevated presence as well. Glam them up with matching drop earrings, bib necklaces, or bangle bracelets.

Choosing your style of jewelry.

– Keep your jewelry simple if your dress is complex and heavily accentuated with beads or stones.

– Diamonds and platinum are the most expensive, while white gold is very attainable and the most commonly sought after type of wedding jewelry.

– Don’t overdo it. Wearing too much jewelry can ruin your look.

– Your wedding jewelry should always complement the dress.

– Your wedding theme and color should play an important part in the selection of jewelry.

– The neckline of your gown should also help you determine the type of wedding jewelry you will wear.

clustered flower pearl boho headband with crystal hair pin

Jewelry Types:

Wedding Tiaras – traditional, headband, double headband, bun wrap, bridal comb, hair pins, and wreaths

Wedding Earrings – studs, chandeliers, teardrops, hoops, huggies, clusters,

Wedding Necklaces – bib, chain, multilayered, pearl strand, pendant, choker, collar, lariat

Wedding Bracelets – bangle, charm, cuff, tennis, pearl, gemstone, beaded, multistrand

Wedding Rings – solitaire, halo, side stone, three stone, princess cut, cushion cut, pave, vintage, swirl, colored gemstone, bridal set

Tips on Picking Wedding Tiaras for Your Big Day

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. As you are making preparations for your special day, consider wearing a wedding tiara—it can be a great accessory that will make you feel like a princess. There are many different wedding tiaras available on the market and choosing the best one can be challenging. Whether it’s pearl tiaras, crystal tiaras or gold wedding tiaras, you are sure to find the perfect tiara that complements and matches your dress perfectly. But first, here are some guidelines on how to choose the perfect wedding tiara:

embellished floral crystal beautiful beach tiara crown

1. Your wedding tiara should be one of the last bridal accessories you purchase. Before you buy your bridal hair accessories, you should have your wedding dress and shoes already picked out. This is simply because your tiara should complete your outfit, not be the starting point for it. The tiara needs to enhance your entire wedding look. It shouldn’t overpower your wedding dress or your facial features. You will also need to consider any bridal jewelry or other hair accessories, such as wedding hair pins, you are planning to wear.

2. Your tiara should complement the shape of your face and your hair style, so it enhances your natural beauty and accentuates your most positive features. Wedding tiaras can dramatically change your look for better or worse, depending on their size and placement. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always advisable to keep your bridal hair accessories as simple and elegant as possible. All eyes will be on you all day long, so you should exude a sense of stunning beauty, one that doesn’t need a host of froufrou accessories to compete with.

3. If you’re plan on wearing a wedding tiara on your special day, make sure you do it right. The tiara should not draw attention away from your face, but rather be an enhancement of your beauty. If you have an elongated face, you should avoid tall wedding tiaras which will only lengthen your face even more. Instead opt for tiara headpieces that add little height. A bride with an oval face can wear just about any accessory style because the face is well proportioned. However, keep in mind the groom’s height if you want a tall tiara as you will not want to overpower him. A bride with a round face needs to choose a headpiece that will add some height or one that has a strong peak. Choosing a tall piece will help elongate your round face.

silver statement bridal crown encursted with crystal rhinestones

4. Wedding tiaras are statement pieces that let you add a touch of glamour to any event. No matter your hair length—long, medium, even short—a tiara is a guaranteed way to add glitz to any down hair-do, but it is recommended that it does not outshine the bride. Your bridal hairstyle should also match the tiara. Decide what your hairstyle will be in advance. If you are planning on having a bun or other bridal upstyle, then choosing an elaborate style tiara may be a better choice. Otherwise, if you want to wear your hair down, then a dainty tiara will be a great choice, unless you have long, thick hair, in which case bigger hair accessories that can stand up to the weight will be the better choice rather than daintier ones, which will be less noticeable.

5. After choosing the right wedding tiara to wear on your special day, you must try it on to get the feel of it. It must be sturdy but should not feel heavy on the head as it is essential that the bride be comfortable throughout the day. A bridal tiara headpiece is an important accessory that a bride can choose to wear on her wedding day. Although choosing the right headpiece should be given proper consideration, you must take into account that it is your big day and that no wedding accessory should be the center of attention. The accessories should enhance your natural beauty and accentuate your most positive features, so that you are the center of attention.

Make sure that you choose the best product that represents your style, personality and character.

Different Fabrics Of The Prom Dresses

Dresses have different fabrics, let’s see some major fabrics of the gudeer cheap prom dresses online:

Chiffon, from the French word for a cloth or rag, is a lightweight, balanced plain-woven sheer fabric woven of alternate S- and Z-twist crepe (high-twist) yarns.[1] The twist in the crepe yarns puckers the fabric slightly in both directions after weaving, giving it some stretch and a slightly rough feel.
Chiffon is made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers. Chiffon can be dyed to almost any shade desired, but if it is made out of polyester it can be difficult to dye. Under a magnifying glass it resembles a fine net or mesh which gives chiffon some see-through properties.
Chiffon is most commonly used in evening wear, especially as an overlay, giving an elegant and floating appearance to the gown. It is also a popular fabric used in blouses, ribbons, scarves and lingerie. Like other crêpe fabrics, chiffon can be difficult to work with because of its light and slippery textures. Due to this delicate nature, chiffon must be hand washed very gently.[1]
Since chiffon is a light weight fabric that frays very easily, bound or French seams must be used to stop the fabric from fraying.
v neck lace applique long sleeves blush chiffon prom dress
Lace is an openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work, made by machine or by hand. The holes can be formed via removal of threads or cloth from a previously woven fabric, but more often open spaces are created as part of the lace fabric. Lace-making is an ancient craft. True lace was not made until the late 15th and early 16th centuries. A true lace is created when a thread is looped, twisted or braided to other threads independently from a backing fabric.
Originally linen, silk, gold, or silver threads were used. Now lace is often made with cotton thread. Manufactured lace may be made of synthetic fiber. A few modern artists make lace with a fine copper or silver wire instead of thread.
high slit sleeveless purple long prom dress
Yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibers, suitable for use in the production of textiles, sewing, crocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery and ropemaking. Thread is a type of yarn intended for sewing by hand or machine. Modern manufactured sewing threads may be finished with wax or other lubricants to withstand the stresses involved in sewing. Embroidery threads are yarns specifically designed for hand or machine embroidery.

Satin is a weave that typically has a glossy surface and a dull back. It is a warp-dominated weaving technique that forms a minimum number of interlacings in a fabric. If a fabric is formed with a satin weave using filament fibers such as silk, nylon, or polyester, the corresponding fabric is termed a “satin”. If the yarns used are short-staple yarns such as cotton, the fabric formed is considered a sateen.
A satin-woven fabric tends to have a high luster due to the high number of “floats” on the fabric. Floats are “missed” interlacings, where the warp yarn lies on top of the weft yarn, or vice versa. The floats tend to make the fabric look glossier as well as give it a smoother surface.
Many variations can be made of the basic satin weave including a Granite weave and a Check weave. Satin weaves, twill weaves, and plain weaves are the three basic types of weaving by which the majority of woven products are formed.
Satin is commonly used in apparel: satin baseball jackets, athletic shorts, women’s lingerie, nightgowns, and evening gowns, but also in some men’s boxer shorts, shirts and neckties, interior furnishing fabrics, upholstery, and bed sheets. It is also used in the production of pointe shoes for use in ballet.
off the shoulder v neck a line long red satin evening dress
Gauze is a thin, translucent fabric with a loose open weave. Its name may derive etymologically from the Persian word for silk, via the Spanish word “gasa”. On the other hand the loosa weave was typically woven in Palestine and the word might be an allusion to the city of Gaza.

Guide To Choosing Wedding Hair Accessories

When it comes to choosing wedding hair accessories for your big day you know you’re spoiled with multitude of choice. With so many selections on the forefront, it soon dawn on you… “I don’t know how to choose or where to start”. No doubt you want to look your very best on your wedding day… like a fairytale princess (every girls dream). 😉 To help you, we have come up with this guide to help you choose your wedding hair accessories.

white bridal hat pearls and beadings
1. What comes first? A wedding dress!
First and foremost, you need to have chosen a wedding dress. There’s no point in buying a wedding hair accessory that catches your eyes at first sight when you don’t even know how your wedding dress would look like. Would the wedding dress’ style and embellishment you have chosen later match the hair accessory? In most cases, very unlikely. Therefore your objective is to match your hair accessory, hairstyle, shoes, makeup, etc with your bridal gown and not the other way around.
2. Decide on your wedding hairstyle next.
Next you need to know which wedding hairstyle to go with your dress before embarking on hair accessory shopping. At least have your hair trial done first. The stylist can offer you ideas on which hair accessories that will work best for the hairstyle you have chosen. An up-do and a down-do hairstyle will require different type of hair accessories. For example, if you are planning to wear your hair down and you have thin hair, a comb won’t work in this condition but instead a headband will be perfect.

white feather silver rhinestone leaf handmade headband for bride

If you decide to get your hair accessory first before choosing your bridal hairstyle, it will work too. Choosing your hair accessory first can help you decide on your bridal hairstyle however you will have less option to work with.
3. What wedding jewelry you will be wearing?
If you already decide on wearing a pair of dazzling statement earrings, then you might want to go for a much simpler hair accessory. If your jewelry has less bling, you can consider wearing statement hair accessory. If you want to have your jewelry as the second best focus after your wedding dress, then it’s wise not to go overboard with your hair accessory. Remember the hair accessory should improve your overall look and not create a distracting feature or be the main star.
4. Does it work with your hair color?
Whether you’re blonde, brunette or a black hair bride, there are plenty selections of hair accessories for you. If you have dark-haired color, anything will look good on you like pearl, crystal, diamond or gold as they complement your dark hair tones really well. For fair-haired bride, be careful not to choose hair accessory the same color tone as your hair as it will drown out the hair piece.
5. Consider your gown color and embellishment too.
You want your hair accessory to blend in with your overall wedding look so that it doesn’t break your appearance. For ivory gown, go for hair accessory with gold tone or ivory pearls. For white gown, go for white pearls, diamond or crystal. For colored gown, go for hair accessory with the same hues as your wedding gown.

You might also want to match your hair accessory with the embellishment of your gown. For example a wedding gown with diamond embellishment will look good with diamond hair accessory. If your gown has floral motif, look for headpiece with similar detailing. Choose a hair accessory with shades to bring out the tone of your gown’s embroideries if it’s colored.
6. Face shape consideration.
Your face shape is another thing to consider when choosing wedding hair accessory. If you have long or oval face, avoid peaked tiara or veil. Instead choose headbands, combs or hair pins. If you have short or round face, go for peak tiara and veil to make your face appear lengthen. Headbands, flowers, curvy combs or pins are suitable for square face bride.
7. Hair accessory from observers point of view.
One of the reason brides wear hair accessory is to enhance their overall look. That means your bridal headpieces need to be seen in order to be appreciated. Think how you would like your hair accessory to be view at different vantage point by wedding guests and photographer. Do you want a one sided hair pin that can only be seen on your left hair? or a headband that can be seen 360-degree and so on.
8. Be You.
Okay. Are you overwhelmed yet by all the suggestions above? Remember this is just a guide. What’s important is what makes you happy. If you like a particular hair accessory, go ahead and wear it. There’s no right or wrong. You just need to be you and be happy on your special day. :) If you can’t find the one perfect hair accessory, remember some hair accessory companies do offer custom-made service.

Vintage Wedding Dresses You May Like It

Personality wedding photography, belongs to the category of wedding photography, wedding photography is currently recommended is photography style, personality before wedding photography from the unity of the clothing, the same template, the same style of photography, modelling is more close to the new demand, customized according to the different characteristics of each couple of photographs. vintage wedding dresses uk, for example, can choose their own colors, fabrics, styles, makeup modelling respect, makeup girl can according to the couple’s face skin color of makeup, even POSE, the couple can be creative, make the modelling of meaningful.
In a word, wedding photography is different from traditional personality and style of wedding photography, more press close to human needs and unique style of photography.


Wedding movies: marriage gauze film is very popular among young people, new people in the simple wedding dresses uk when film without posing a one-size-fits-all painstakingly, only need


Wedding photography works
The two people in series with the little drops of life, or intimacy, or naughty, or whimsy, every moment is for two people love testimony.According to different scenarios can be set different themes, you can walk in the streets of Paris, can be in the elegant .This not only let all the friends of friends, please witness two people’s love, still can foil the atmosphere of the scene, deduce the wedding more beautiful.


How to choose Bridesmaid dress


1, to avoid clothing too formal or too casual, fashion elements can be added in the details. If you are wearing a with fashion popular lace suit jacket, coat with a small harness alternative,Bright colors with beads and multicolored stitching, sexy Bra can.
2, bridesmaid dresses uk not too short, so as to avoid outdoor activities when emptied, inconsistent with the occasion.
3, bridesmaid dress design than the bride’s verbose. Dress style evening dresses and casual dresses ranged between, do not choose a long section of mopping the floor, so too grand, you can focus on a small dress.
4. Dress for a low-key and dignified, not too exposed, otherwise it will grab the bride’s thunder, it makes the presence of elders unhappy



1, on the pink bridesmaid dress selection:
pink, is the color of the wedding can not deficient, too showy pink beneath
2, bridesmaid dresses stable sense, so pay special attention to the depth of control.
Lace Bridesmaid Dresses uk, wedding to try to demonstrate maturity, after all, is not a bridesmaid in the wedding of children play a large area using pink midnight, style not too loose, try to ladies of, if you want to add a romantic temperament, available satin class fabrics.
Best man bridesmaid dress on yellow choose


3, bright yellow, divided into different shades, but also bring out the effect is very different, pay attention to proportional brightness and sharpness.
Bridesmaid dress, yellow can be used with chiffon or gauze fabric, does not require a large area to cover the skin, it can bring out a sense of light and elegant, you can also choose other color dress with local color.
Details highlight the gorgeous golden yellow +
a large area of yellow, gold topical moderate brightness as decoration; Or wear gold jewelry can also achieve the same effect.
4, yellow + white fresh and lively STYLE
joined the white yellow appear instantly lively expression. You can use white and yellow two-layered chiffon, or add a white shawl yellow dress. [2] best man bridesmaid dress on the green choice
have a sense of the severity of the green, a higher degree of exposed skin should choose the style, straps, strapless, can make green happen ultimate effect, elegant and sexy co-exist.
Fresh gaudy green, very suitable spring wedding, pale green in the use of a wide range, but also very suitable dress a large area.


Custom dream Love vintage wedding dresses uk

Custom dream Born to Love vintage wedding dresses uk

From white lily Eddie starring love the movie “A Wedding Invitation,” not only the harvest of excellent box office results, but also by the heat conferences widespread audience acclaim. In addition you starring performances, the biggest highlight of the film than the designer Lan Yu’s character appeared and perfect wedding dress she designed, even Eddie have expressed their “Lan Yu wedding is the most important props drama, is this love symbol. ” So, the designer himself is how to treat the drama of love and dreams of their own? Current “fashion simple wedding dresses uk” revealed the answers for you.


The film is a talented design community Lan Yu wedding the first time cross-border “shock”, the character appeared in the movie wedding dress designer for this show experience, Lan Yu said he was excited and cherish, very hard during the shoot according to the director and the script requires to complete the role, of course, inevitably tense.


Speaking of his understanding of the drama of love, Lan Yu believes that “love is very romantic, very pure. Although they are ‘A Wedding Invitation’ agreement within five years there is not much contact, but their share of the sincere love for each other is constant, this kind of love I was very moved. “

In The Winter Of Snow Wedding Photos You Should Learn

Picture taken big scheme 1: in the winter of snow wedding photos
White Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses is combined with the background of the ice and snow is the most perfect, but this can only be taken out in the winter in the north of the wedding photos, from all over the sky snow or pure white snow, can bring you to a beautiful fairy tale world.Breath in the cold fog set off more warm sweet breath, between two people through the soft sunshine in the winter, reflects the more pure and holy love you.Let the pure white wedding dress set off under the pure white snow.



Modern art wind
Style description: amorous feelings of the waves, lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood colorful Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses uk, the most special personality red lips, the super star in the lens, the fashionable art of discovering a Hollywood is honor “teamwork
Suitable for the couple: obsessed with dramatic , the loving fashion artistic temperament.


The origin of the white wedding dress

Each girl had a dream since childhood: When I could wear that beautiful white dress it? Why dress is white? The first set of wedding is how the birth? History who wore a white wedding dress is it? Many brides are know to wear a traditional Lace Bridesmaid Dresses uk, but the origin of the white wedding dress, many brides may not be very clear. Others can not know, but the pursuit of fashion beautiful wedding you must know knowledge, you like to wear a white wedding dress, be sure to enrich your own knowledge of the job oh wedding. Take a look at to achieve your dream of a beautiful white wedding dress origin!


In the modern wedding culture, white wedding dress has become the most crucial part. No matter which country, in addition to have the nation’s traditional wedding etiquette, new people have chosen white wedding dress. It dates back to Roman times, when white symbolizes joy, but in the nineteenth century, the British Queen Victoria wedding day, wearing a white wedding dress history, and since then, women will wear wedding white wedding wedding photos to enjoy. But before this, the British royal family is wearing a wedding dress with a full evening dress silver jewelry, plus a fur coat.


White wedding history with more than 160 years of history, and in 1840, Queen Victoria would transform the traditional luxury of dress became brocade dress, matched the pattern of orange veil, the whole world sensation. From 1850 to 1900, he became a symbol of wealthy white. Early 20th century, white also represents purity, in many wedding dress, the white has become the first choice.

Although different countries geared white dress, but the customs of each country is not the same. For example, in the United States, a traditional wedding, for the ball gown prom dresses will have very special requirements, old, new, borrowed, blue! This is the meaning of words is very special.The new bride’s white wedding dress represents, if new, old bride’s white veil moisture must be old, and the mother used the old white, represented by the bride’s white handkerchief from his companion was borrowed, meaning not forget the friendship, while blue indicates bride wearing four blue ribbons, he expressed the attitude of love is loyal.