Wedding gowns in different colors


Do you really need to wear a white gown only of the occasion of your wedding? With the increasing trend of fashion in the market there a certain colors which you can wear over on your marriage day. This completely set fire on stage and will be remembered for a long time due to its uniqueness. Moreover, it will eye catching and can make you look beautiful too. Pick any color from the choices given below-

Rose Red….

Have you ever imagined a gown in rose red color? If no, then fantasize now and feel the beauty of the entire wedding gowns right now. How sexy it will look? The frills of the gown will add to the beauty of the dress and you will appear no less than a rose in that. Also red stands for love, passion and fiery nature so why not express your feelings through your dress?


 Powdered ice blue… Continue reading Wedding gowns in different colors

Type of veil you should carry with your bridal dress

Veil is of equal importance as your wedding gown is. You need to provide special attention to it. Many of us forget to focus on the veil and think that any veil will work but this not true. You can’t spoil the beauty of your dress by not having an appropriate veil on you. Veil will definitely enhance the beauty of the bride and the bridal dress if chosen correctly. There is a selection criterion which one can follow to get a right veil for you.

Wedding gown style….

The pattern and style of the wedding gown will surely decide the pattern and style of the veil. The gown material it’s pattern is an important factor to get a perfect veil for the bride. If you are going to wear an off shoulder gown then choose a veil a bit long in length. Let it reach your elbows. This will just make you look feminine Length matters a lot of the veil so don’t spoil it in carelessness.

 Lace and veil…..

You can go for a laced veil or a net veil depending on your choice. Material of lace or net on the dress will certainly influence the veil need. The lace can be a part of the trims or you can use it as a patchwork or the veil. A bit offbeat and out of the box style, you should opt for this design only if you have an angular face and a slim body. Your body structure is such that it will increase the appeal of the veil. If you do not have the confidence, then avoid this style. Continue reading Type of veil you should carry with your bridal dress

Dress Selecting Criteria

Wedding is an auspicious and extravagant occasion in everyone’s life. We all must want that perfect day to be planned and scheduled before the actual time comes. Most evidently for brides as they have so many daydreams for that day in their lives. They plan the best for them and their wedding in prior. Nothing is wrong too, we all must plan and select the appropriate things beforehand. And here the most importantly the bridal dress is into consideration. It is always a huge task for a girl to manage her bridal wear. You don’t have to panic we are here to help you out in the same for selecting the bridal dress for your wedding. All will be watching you so you should be beautiful and proper. Read on and know the criteria to be followed before choosing a dress.

  1. Selecting style:

The style of the gown or wedding dress is a very important decision in selecting dress for bride. It depends on the body type of the bride. Silhouette is firstly prepared and dresses are trialed on them. Many times it has been noticed that women prefer latest trends for their bridal dresses without focusing on their figure type. This can end with a disaster as not all dress styles would suit with all bodies. For instance short heighted bride should not prefer ball gowns as they will look even shorter and there body will not match it. In similar way sheaths suits women with balanced figures. It will even make them beautiful but with a bad shaped figure this dress should not give good look. Continue reading Dress Selecting Criteria

Let these plus size celebrities teach you the meaning of “loving yourself”

If one were to pose the question of highlighting the best part of being a celebrity to you, the obvious answers from many of you would be the enthralling idea of being famous and of course the moolah! Being a woman after all, many would gush over the dresses a celebrity gets to wear and those expensive make up one gets to wear. However, the views or the perception we generally have about the celebrities might make it seem too easy for them which is not the way it appears to be. How endlessly we gush over celebrities’ perfect life – isn’t it?

Those mansions one gets to live in, the money one gets to splurge on and the very item landing at their doorstep the moment a finger is pointed at it – well, we are all looking at the world with a rose tinted glass view.

The constant sleuthing on the personal life and living life under a magnifying glass is indeed not easy. However what is easy is that imagining ourselves to be a kid staring at the star and admiring it from far. Sure, the hands will not go that far to grasp them but with who said the stars cannot be admired from afar? Continue reading Let these plus size celebrities teach you the meaning of “loving yourself”

Tips for choosing the flower girl dress

Wedding party is incomplete without a flower girl. Search for a flower girl once date, venue, dress, time of the wedding is finalized. A flower girl is generally a child between four to nine years of age. A younger sister, niece or a cousin can be a flower girl. During the wedding rituals, bridesmaids are followed by the flower girl with a basket of flowers, spreading them down the aisle. Selecting the perfect dress for them involves few guidelines that need to be followed. Continue reading Tips for choosing the flower girl dress

World’s 10 Most Expensive wedding dresses

Wedding is an event in which bride is considered to be the most important personality. Every bride to be desires to look beautiful and elegant on her special day. Wedding attire plays a vital role in helping her look different. Huge variety of dresses is available for the big day. They come in different designs, patterns and fabric. Bridal dresses can also be customized as per bride’s requirement and budget. So, here is a list of most expensive wedding dresses known. Continue reading World’s 10 Most Expensive wedding dresses