Guide To Choosing Wedding Hair Accessories

When it comes to choosing wedding hair accessories for your big day you know you’re spoiled with multitude of choice. With so many selections on the forefront, it soon dawn on you… “I don’t know how to choose or where to start”. No doubt you want to look your very best on your wedding day… like a fairytale princess (every girls dream). 😉 To help you, we have come up with this guide to help you choose your wedding hair accessories.

white bridal hat pearls and beadings
1. What comes first? A wedding dress!
First and foremost, you need to have chosen a wedding dress. There’s no point in buying a wedding hair accessory that catches your eyes at first sight when you don’t even know how your wedding dress would look like. Would the wedding dress’ style and embellishment you have chosen later match the hair accessory? In most cases, very unlikely. Therefore your objective is to match your hair accessory, hairstyle, shoes, makeup, etc with your bridal gown and not the other way around.
2. Decide on your wedding hairstyle next.
Next you need to know which wedding hairstyle to go with your dress before embarking on hair accessory shopping. At least have your hair trial done first. The stylist can offer you ideas on which hair accessories that will work best for the hairstyle you have chosen. An up-do and a down-do hairstyle will require different type of hair accessories. For example, if you are planning to wear your hair down and you have thin hair, a comb won’t work in this condition but instead a headband will be perfect.

white feather silver rhinestone leaf handmade headband for bride

If you decide to get your hair accessory first before choosing your bridal hairstyle, it will work too. Choosing your hair accessory first can help you decide on your bridal hairstyle however you will have less option to work with.
3. What wedding jewelry you will be wearing?
If you already decide on wearing a pair of dazzling statement earrings, then you might want to go for a much simpler hair accessory. If your jewelry has less bling, you can consider wearing statement hair accessory. If you want to have your jewelry as the second best focus after your wedding dress, then it’s wise not to go overboard with your hair accessory. Remember the hair accessory should improve your overall look and not create a distracting feature or be the main star.
4. Does it work with your hair color?
Whether you’re blonde, brunette or a black hair bride, there are plenty selections of hair accessories for you. If you have dark-haired color, anything will look good on you like pearl, crystal, diamond or gold as they complement your dark hair tones really well. For fair-haired bride, be careful not to choose hair accessory the same color tone as your hair as it will drown out the hair piece.
5. Consider your gown color and embellishment too.
You want your hair accessory to blend in with your overall wedding look so that it doesn’t break your appearance. For ivory gown, go for hair accessory with gold tone or ivory pearls. For white gown, go for white pearls, diamond or crystal. For colored gown, go for hair accessory with the same hues as your wedding gown.

You might also want to match your hair accessory with the embellishment of your gown. For example a wedding gown with diamond embellishment will look good with diamond hair accessory. If your gown has floral motif, look for headpiece with similar detailing. Choose a hair accessory with shades to bring out the tone of your gown’s embroideries if it’s colored.
6. Face shape consideration.
Your face shape is another thing to consider when choosing wedding hair accessory. If you have long or oval face, avoid peaked tiara or veil. Instead choose headbands, combs or hair pins. If you have short or round face, go for peak tiara and veil to make your face appear lengthen. Headbands, flowers, curvy combs or pins are suitable for square face bride.
7. Hair accessory from observers point of view.
One of the reason brides wear hair accessory is to enhance their overall look. That means your bridal headpieces need to be seen in order to be appreciated. Think how you would like your hair accessory to be view at different vantage point by wedding guests and photographer. Do you want a one sided hair pin that can only be seen on your left hair? or a headband that can be seen 360-degree and so on.
8. Be You.
Okay. Are you overwhelmed yet by all the suggestions above? Remember this is just a guide. What’s important is what makes you happy. If you like a particular hair accessory, go ahead and wear it. There’s no right or wrong. You just need to be you and be happy on your special day. :) If you can’t find the one perfect hair accessory, remember some hair accessory companies do offer custom-made service.