How to design a custom wedding dress?

You must have imagined yourself in that lovely white gown in your childhood. May be you have dreamt about the biggest day of your life, where you will be the center of attraction. You might want to get treated like a princess by your would be better half on that very special day and all your dreams get wings with a lovely wedding dress.

white wedding gown

With the growing age, every girl’s mind changes and they fantasize their marriage gowns according to the fashion of that time, as nobody wants to look outdated on the day of their marriage. Roaming around from shop to shop and trying out various wedding dresses seem hectic sometimes. So, set yourself free and go beyond the conventional dresses generally offered in the stores. Design your own Marriage gown.

Now, without a clear idea, sudden decision to design your wedding dress can be a disaster. So, you have to keep few things in mind. These are –

Imagine your perfect wedding dress:

Before you start designing your own bridal gown, take a break and start imagining, the way you would have dreamed about this special eve, your look and attire, in your adolescence. Dream about the complete look, the way you want to see yourself. Now, just keep a short note inside your mind, that how should your wedding gown look like.

v neck wedding dress

Go through the designs:

Don’t waste time and start visiting shops, where you will be able to check out designer wedding dresses according to the latest trend. You can go through the web and mark few of your choice, or you can take an expert’s help, as well.

Take your fiancé’s suggestion:

To make the dress more perfect, only one person can help you the best after yourself and that person is your fiancé, as you always wanted to look yourself the prettiest in his eyes, at same time he must have dreamed about his princess on that special occasion. So, he will be the best one to suggest what kind of a dress you should wear.

Some strong points before you start designing the wedding gown:

  • Length: Length of the dress is very important for a bride. You need to look pretty and as well as comfortable in the gown. So, always choose a length, which suits better on you and you feel free to carry that out. In that case, you can set up a length and can go through some pictures of wedding collection of the same length of wedding dresses.


 stunning strapless

  • Sleeves: Undoubtedly, sleeves play an important role. Where according to the present trend, brides love to wear see through sleeves based on designer net. You can also go for sleeveless with noodle straps or, off-shoulders, at the same time. But in each case you must choose carefully according to your physical structure.



  • Neckline: While talking about a wedding gown, a suitable neckline can change the entire look of your lovely wedding gown. Choose a neckline, which will make you comfortable and will look stylish, as well. Don’t try to apply any design, which undesirably exposes cleavage to hold on to the trend.

neck wedding dress


  • Fittings: Now, a nice fitting is required to enhance your bridal look. It is not necessary that you always have to choose a slim-fit gown. Always choose a dress, which is not forcefully tight to expose your curves. Try out a size, which compliments your figure and make you feel happy.


A special note:

Be positive, while designing your wedding gown. Always make yourself feel that you are already a princess. Never compromise with your comfort to go with the trend. Make your own design and set your own trend at the day of your wedding.

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