Let these plus size celebrities teach you the meaning of “loving yourself”

If one were to pose the question of highlighting the best part of being a celebrity to you, the obvious answers from many of you would be the enthralling idea of being famous and of course the moolah! Being a woman after all, many would gush over the dresses a celebrity gets to wear and those expensive make up one gets to wear. However, the views or the perception we generally have about the celebrities might make it seem too easy for them which is not the way it appears to be. How endlessly we gush over celebrities’ perfect life – isn’t it?

Those mansions one gets to live in, the money one gets to splurge on and the very item landing at their doorstep the moment a finger is pointed at it – well, we are all looking at the world with a rose tinted glass view.

The constant sleuthing on the personal life and living life under a magnifying glass is indeed not easy. However what is easy is that imagining ourselves to be a kid staring at the star and admiring it from far. Sure, the hands will not go that far to grasp them but with who said the stars cannot be admired from afar?

The numerous stars shining upon us from the sky are in limitless variety, to our naked eyes some may seem small or some may seem a bit large than the rest. Nevertheless, these stars shine the brightest at all times even when our naked eyes cannot see them under the haze of morning sun beams.

Likewise, human forms are also in varieties and like the stars the shine should not lose its luster at any point. It is very important to love our body and embrace its curves as well as its edges. Today as we speak of different body forms, let us take you through the contouring ideas to help you embrace those sexy curves. Yes, those curves silhouetted against the right fabric, cuts and colors can give sexiness a whole new meaning.

To do precisely the same, we introduce you to some of the immensely popular plus size celebrities who are constantly under the radar and yet they don’t shy away from embracing their curves. Be inspired from them and let their immaculate sense of style help you choose the right dress for the upcoming cocktail party that has got you all too excited.

Dascha Polanco

The famous face from the hit series Orange Is the New Black is unapologetically okay about her sexiness. Presenting four different looks from the red carpet that she completely owned like a boss!


Oprah Winfrey

Who does not love her? A philanthropist, an actress, show presenter and oh, look at that impeccable style!


Danielle Brooks

Another feisty fashionista from the series Orange Is the New Black. You will instantly fall in love with her style; be it orange, red or white – she is someone who knows her body well.


Melissa McCarthy

When elegance, cuteness and versatility meet – you call it Melissa McCarthy!


Queen Latifah

This woman is known for her impeccable taste in fashion and rarely do the fashion police catch her steeping on the wrong side of the sartorial choice. This lady oozes sexiness in every red carpet dress or look that she pulls off.


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