My Unique Wedding Dress

My wedding, I call the shots, who said the wedding must choose elegant, see me this dress is simple, compact, hang down naturally fall on the ground, just a gust of wind blowing, blowing the outside the veil, my prince and I but also imagine in our dream, this is a simple wedding with simple headdress, new lady like is out from the television inside the fairy.

vintage ball gown strapless tulle wedding dress detachable skirt
Since you are a woman is a day of princess, queen for 10 months, maid for a lifetime, then I would have to will I this day interpretation of the unique, magnificent and victorious, I see this wedding, extreme downtown. I want a flower quietly open Lotus, warm open in this numerous lake.

vintage mermaid strapless floor length lace layered tulle wedding dress
This is a sweet dress, suitable for those quiet and sweet beliefs can play a very good the waist effect and if the stomach have meat, can also be very well hidden, chest inlaid fine drill increased wedding sweet coefficient and sequins spinning will decorate my later for a better life.