Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dress for Your Wedding

Choosing bridesmaids dresses is one of the most crucial moments in a wedding. Not only does it have to be in tune with the wedding theme, but it has to be approved by all the bridesmaids and fit everyone and compliment their body types. Moreover, it has to be a fashion statement in its own right. Here’s a list of tips that’ll help you so much with choosing the right dress from YesMyBride.

Get All of the Bridesmaids Involved

It is very important to take their opinions into consideration because if they are not happy with their dresses, they probably won’t wear it.  For instance this “ILLUSION CRISS CROSS KNEE LENGTH BLUSH PINK DRESS” may appeal to everyone.

get all of

The Comfort Factor

The number one rule of fashion is that comfort comes before style. Even though your selected dress is  pretty, your bridesmaids will never wear them if they are uncomfortable. Go for lighter designs, especially on the top and avoid any bodice heavy dresses. Check out this “SLEEVELESS JEWEL NECK PINK SHORT DRESS” for inspiration.

the comfort factor

The Colour

While most weddings have monochromatic dresses, you can choose a two or even a three coloured dress to add some jazz to the dresses, like in this “STRAPLESS WHITE AND MINT GREEN TWO TONE SHORT DRESS”.

the colour

The Length

It is best to pick a short dress for your bridesmaids if it a beach or a low key wedding. This will not only make walking easier, but it will give a contemporary spin on the classic tradition. Check out this “RUFFLED WATERMELON CHIFFON SHORT DRESS”.

the length2

The Neck

While there might arise debate over the styling of the neckline, one shoulder straps usually work with any colour, on any body type and any skin complexion. For instance this “LAVENDER CHIFFON ONE SHOULDER DRESS” is bound to be a favourite.

the neck

The Material

Almost 90%of the appeal of a dress lies in the material. While satin lookselegant and expensive, lace gives softness and romance and is also very comfortable. Be sure that the material is not too hot or too rough on the skin, like in this “FLORAL LACE ASYMMETRICAL ONE SHOULDER KNEE LENGTH DRESS”.

the material

Finding the Right Feel

It’s always a god idea to take some time to decide on the bridesmaid dresses if they are to complement your wedding gown. Make sure that while their dresses are in tune with yours, they do not look completely alike. Take a look at this “IVORY CHIFFON V NECK KNEE LENGTH DRESS”.

finding the right feel

The Accessories

Find the right accessory to go with the dresses because a good accessory can make or break a look. You can find inspiration from this “HAIR BOWKNOT ACCESSORY CLIP”.



For a beach wedding, you can pick light lace or chiffon dresses like this “YELLOW CHIFFON MULTI-WEAR SHORT DRESS”. Satin dresses are preferable for posh winter weddings.


The Cost

Yes, bridesmaid dress too can be expensive. Make sure that the chosen dress fits everyone’s budget. To be on the safe side, you can opt for beautiful dresses under 150 like this “MULTI-WEAR SHORT PALE BLUE CHIFFON FABRIC DRESS”.

the cost

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