Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Evening Dress for Women with Short Waistlines

If you do not have a proportionate body, as in, if your waist is shorter than your torso, it can be a nightmare while choosing dresses that can actually fit you. With evening gowns, the problem can be complicated by the length of the gown which makes it mandatory to choose something that give you the illusion of a fuller waist. However, with just a few simple tricks mind, you can find dresses that create the illusion of a more defined waistline. Here you can find dresses for all body shapes, to make every woman feel as fabulous as they are.

Opt for mermaid dresses

Mermaid dresses can help you to elongate your torso by obliterating the waistline. Since mermaid dresses cinch at the knees, your dress appears to be longer than it really is, thereby giving you an illusion of height. Avoid any detailing at the waistline and opt for dresses with embroidery at the bust and knees to divert attention.

red mermaid

A-Line Dresses are a good choice

A line dresses, due to the cinching at the under-bust region, flares out and thus gives the appearance of a longer torso than you truly possess. Opt for a A-line dress with intricate detailing at the bust to divert attention from your waistline.

a-line chiffon


High-low dresses, being asymmetric can help in creating an illusion of having a longer torso than you really do. The main idea is to choose a dress that ends above the knee in the front to help your torso to gain the illusion of being more proportionate.

high low pink white

Empire line dresses                    

Empire line dresses are generally cinched between the stomach and the underbust and enhance the  attention at the bust portion of your body. This can be a huge boon for short waisted women as the waistline disappears from view to give a proportionate appearance.

evening gown

Patterned waistlines

If you have a short waistline,  you can opt for evening dress that have a diagonally cascading design, ending below your natural waistline. This gives an appearance of your waist being actually more elongated than it really is.

waist line dress

Draped dresses

Drapery can perpetrate the illusion of having a more elongated waistline than you really do with the sheaths of fabric that hide your natural waistline.

asymetrical dress

Drop Waistline Dresses

Opt for dresses with cinching at the hips to create an illusion of having an elongated waistline.


Ball gown options

You can opt for ball gowns that have a mermaid type skirt or an empire line skirt. Remember to avoid dresses that cinch at the waist as it would only make your torso appear smaller than it really is. Choosing the perfect ball gown can be tough but they can also double as evening dresses.

ball gown

V-shaped waistlines

Dresses with a V-shaped waistline can create the same illusion as a dropped waistline dress, making the waistline appear to be lower than it really is.

Matched Belts

Opt for belts of the same colour as your evening dress to remove attention from the waistline.

matched belts


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