Wedding gowns in different colors


Do you really need to wear a white gown only of the occasion of your wedding? With the increasing trend of fashion in the market there a certain colors which you can wear over on your marriage day. This completely set fire on stage and will be remembered for a long time due to its uniqueness. Moreover, it will eye catching and can make you look beautiful too. Pick any color from the choices given below-

Rose Red….

Have you ever imagined a gown in rose red color? If no, then fantasize now and feel the beauty of the entire wedding gowns right now. How sexy it will look? The frills of the gown will add to the beauty of the dress and you will appear no less than a rose in that. Also red stands for love, passion and fiery nature so why not express your feelings through your dress?


 Powdered ice blue…

This beautiful color will make you look perfectly serene and calm and beautiful. If you really want to experiment choose this one and become a heart throb of your wedding party. With a perfect blend of beautiful skin and this dress you will rock the show for sure. This is a subtle color after all. Your partner is sure to be charmed once again.


Pastel shades….

These are the popular and upcoming shades this season and should be worn only if you are sure that you can carry it nicely. Opt for the beautiful peach color and this color will add oodles of oomph to your attractive appearance. Wear pearls with this gown for a fairy look.

Pink is the color of the queen…

If you wish to feel like a queen then try out pink or baby pink. Sweetness will be in the air for sure. It has a graceful appeal of its own and you are sure to stand out amongst everyone beautifully. Go for a gown that has net instead of lace in it.

Dual tones….

A new style to try on your wedding day is this. Wedding gowns with dual tones can shape your body precisely with the punch of fashion and style. There will be beautifully blended two shades rather than one. If you are sure to wear it then only go for it else leave it. Don’t wear it just for the sake of being different. You don’t wish to be the laughing stock on your special day, do you?


Tailor made…

And finally, you can ask a tailor to make your wedding gown as per your need and specification. Tell the designer which color you would like to wear. Listen to his suggestions. Incorporate those ideas.

Now that you have decided to wear colored wedding gown on your special day don’t get swayed away by what others have got to say. Flaunt your dress with full attitude and walk with your head held high.

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