World’s 10 Most Expensive wedding dresses

Wedding is an event in which bride is considered to be the most important personality. Every bride to be desires to look beautiful and elegant on her special day. Wedding attire plays a vital role in helping her look different. Huge variety of dresses is available for the big day. They come in different designs, patterns and fabric. Bridal dresses can also be customized as per bride’s requirement and budget. So, here is a list of most expensive wedding dresses known.

  • 9999 carats gems wedding attire


  1. This dress has 9999 carats of gems & weighs forty pounds. It is one of the costliest dresses in the world.


2. Imperial pearl syndicate gown  :- The most elegant and expensive wedding dress in the world. It was made in 1950’s and consisted of 100000 pre- war cultured pearls. The dress weighed 27 pounds and made of silk and satin. It took two months for six designers to complete this dress.



3. Bach Ngoc Xiem Wedding dress


This beautiful dress is made of superb fabric and is embroidered with 222 diamonds and 100 rubies. It dress was on display at Ruby plaza in Hanoi. The dress is only for affluent brides because of its price which is worth $117000.


4.  Fiery red platinum wedding dressMade in the Anhui province of china and is designed in a fiery red color with oriental theme. It is completely made of platinum at a cost of $250000.


5. Peacock feather wedding gown


The dress was designed in 2009 and is known to be the world’s third most expensive wedding dress. This dress is made up of diamonds, gold and peacock feathers. It took eight designers to finish its design in two months. It is known to be the most unique and artistic design ever created.


6. Danasha wedding gown:  Created by designers Danasha Luxury & Jad Ghandour at $1.5 million. It is embellished with 200 grams of 18 carat gold along with 75 carats of Belgian diamonds.



7. Princess Diana’s wedding dress:  This is an exclusive and unique dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. The most exclusive and expensive dress ever known. The dress had fine work of pearls which added to its delicacy and royalty.


8. Melania Kanuss wedding dressMelania Kanuss wedding dress was designed by Galliano at a price of $200 thousand. The gown is ornamented with more than 1500 crystal rhinestones and pearls weighing 50 pounds.



9. Kate Middleton wedding gown

Designed by a renowned designer Sarah Burton. Kate Middleton wore the most costly and elegant wedding dress of worth $416000 on her special day. It was an ivory gown made from an expensive fabric with lace appliqué bodice decorated separately to represent four nations. It took several months to complete 2.7 meter long gown.


10. Mauro Adami wedding dress

Italian designer Mauro Adami portrayed his creativity by creating the costliest wedding dress of worth $400,300. This dress is made of 40 meters of fabric spun from platinum & silk thread. It’s an off shoulder dress with floral arrangement at one end




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